Thursday, October 29, 1998 to Saturday, November 28, 1998

    Cathy Mullen situates her work among artists, researchers and educators who attempt to articulate a framework for understanding what the art critic Suzi Gablik has called, “a new connective, participatory aesthetics, a value-based art that is able to transcend the modernist opposition between the aesthetic and the social.” She combines photographs with interview excerpts to offer the viewer an opportunity to glimpse the varied and complex ways the art experience and aesthetic values are present in everyday lives. By creating this forum, Mullen hopes to give each viewer an opportunity to recognize similar aspects in his or her own cultural life. Tim Wicken’s images are an attempt to document the annual Loyal Orange Lodge celebration. The series of small photos he presents, have been accumulated at Lodge ceremonies in different parts of rural Ontario and Quebec over a three year period. Wicken’s photos capture members of this specific community without making any effort to conceal his camera. This open approach illicit different reactions from the participants, some of whom perform for the camera while others seem unaffected. As a result, an ethnographic perspective opens on a critical consideration of cultural experiences.